You think you’re heaven sent…

My very first non-AOL email account, which I still have from 1996, the year hotmail was launched, featured the following signature: “You think you’re heaven sent? Gonna get your halo bent.” On Sunday night, I finally got to see the Halo Benders.

The show, featuring Scarf, The Hive Dwellers, Built To Spill and The Halo Benders, was a benefit for the Friends of Mia foundation, a community organization working to raise money for Olympia area families fighting childhood cancer. It was a very rare treat to have Built To Spill play at the historic Capitol Theater; at one point, one of the band members joked that he couldn’t believe the place was still standing. However, it was the anticipated reunion of The Halo Benders that kept the crowd on their feet. The Halo Benders released a few albums and singles in the mid to late 90s on K and featured the booming voice of Beat Happenings’ Calvin Johnson and warbling melodies of Built To Spill’s Doug Martsch.  New material has not been released in over a decade and performances are, needless to say, not common. I believe their last live performance was in 2007 in Boise.

It was a magical night and, in true Baumann super geeky fashion, I spent the evening planted firmly at Doug Martsch’s feet, monitor be damned. Pictures follow, as well as my first ever internet posted video. Enjoy!

The Hive Dwellers, Calvin Johnson’s relatively new band:

The Halo Benders, featuring Calvin Johnson and Doug Martsch! (Lesley – that’s Ralf Youtz on the drums!)

And a video of the song “Virginia Reel Around The Fountain.” The sound quality isn’t the best; as mentioned earlier, I was camped in front of the monitors. It’s all about Calvin dancing, anyway.

The Halo Benders, Olympia WA from Judith Baumann on Vimeo.

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