working for the weekend

The show at the house went off without a hitch. About 80 kids showed up which was less than I thought but still a great turnout for a basement show. Almost everyone in attendance was an Evergreen student. Experimental Dental School was amazing, like one long psychedelic pulsating noise pop drone. They were extremely nice, sincere people and I ended up talking to them both quite a bit. The guys in Starfucker were also amazingly genuine. I’m guessing the guys are in their early 30s: they each have smile lines around their eyes. I don’t know why but this somehow qualifies their music for me. At least I know I’m not the oldest one in the room.

Starfucker mentioned several times that this was the best, most fun and most professional show they’ve played in Olympia, which considering the last few places they played in town, isn’t saying much. I had a sound guy and a door guy. I had a cash box and $100 worth of change in $5 bills. I did a lot of the promo. However, the best idea I possibly had came at the last minute when I spent $16 on a case of 24 PBRs. Seriously, tell someone in a band there’s free shitty beer and it’s like you made their night. They also made close to $350 so that doesn’t hurt either. I already can’t wait for the next show!

Did I mention I found two setlists on the floor during clean up?




I like that photo… it’s like there’s a wall of gyrating humanity about the crash down and destroy…

The second half of the weekend was spent at Northern, putting up drywall and doing the first round of mudding and taping. The space already looks so different. Now that we have a  lot of the big projects started and under control, all the little details that were put on the back burner are starting little kitchen fires… mold, electrical issues, back door remodeling, bathrooms… Time to get down to the nitty gritty. Almost everyone involved works on the space exclusively on the weekends, too, which makes things slow going.

Progress, always!



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