Blog – Things Self Portrait


Interactive Web project & Digital Inkjet Prints, 2006

The spectacle is not a collection of images… rather, it is a social relationship between people that is mediated by images.
– Guy Debord

My mythical beast is a Pegasus. I am 67% Nerdy. I should not date Virgos. I will live until the age of 89. I am an INFP. My inner Super Hero is Spiderman. Every day, hundreds of thousands of Americans take innocuous online quizzes in hopes of glimpsing some previously unknown aspect of their personality. The results are shared with friends via blogs, Myspace and various other public, online community forums and social networking sites. There are numerous websites devoted to the creation of these quizzes.

Each icon in “Blog-Things Portrait” represents an individual quiz. Each quiz, usually comprised of five to ten questions, generates an individual icon. These quizzes, with titles such as “What Kind of Kisser are you?” and “How Many Children Will You Have?” are meant to provide a kind of public insight into the quiz-taker’s personality, belief system and morals. Truly, the popularity of these online Internet quizzes and the social networking sites they inhabit are replacing an authentic social life with mere images and self-filtered World Wide Web representations of our hyper-real selves.

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