The past month and a half has left me reeling. Changes for the worse at work, heavy course loads all around, application season and other professional obligations have left me with very little personal or creative time. However, after this weekend, I am able to see the light at the end of the tunnel, at least for this quarter. Winter 2010 wraps up in a month. Evaluations week and Spring Break give some needed rest before Spring Quarter begins at the beginning of April. For the break week, which corresponds with my 31st birthday, I’m planning a solo roadtrip Salt Lake City, Utah. A few days on the road there and back, a couple days in the city, and of course, the highlight of my pilgrimage: The Spiral Jetty.

This morning I work to a dense fog descending upon the south sound. The house was quiet, the ambient light peaceful. I grabbed my camera and let the chickens out to run around the yard and eat worms…

A President’s Day Photo Essay:

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