What The Heck?!

This past weekend, for the first time, I was able to attend the 8th annual What The Heck? Fest in beautiful Anacortes, Washington. The three day festival primarily features Knw-Yr-Own, Marriage and K recording artists. I had a fantastic time! We camped on Bret Lunsford’s goat farm on the outskirts of town, waking to the sound of bleating goats and a particularly vocal rooster every morning. I saw so many amazing bands, sat in on an inspiring panel about DIY All Ages venues and projects, swam in two separate lakes, and managed to get the most severe sunburn I’ve had in years. Music events took place in several locations around town, from afternoon showcases in the park to the port warehouse shows at dusk. Everyone was there. Here are some of the visual highlights of weekend…

Joel and the kids encounter an iguana in the park. Hollis says, “make sure you tell the people who see this picture that this wasn’t at the zoo!”


The Vibrarians perform in the park while Calvin takes photos backed by a crowd of Olympia kids.


Eatin’ some fries, trying to sit still.


Mirah performing at the Port Warehouse later that night. The warehouse door opened to the sound, and I was simultaneously listening to the music, watching the crowd and gazing out toward the water. It was a surreal experience.


Mt. Erie making some serious sounds.


Swimming at the beautiful Cranberry Lake the next day…



Max, after applying some face paint, is ready to rumble.


Port Warehouse basketball! This kid totally bossed everyone around and came out of nowhere. It was pretty hilarious.



Karl Blau leading a sing along.


On the pier, between bands, as the sun sinks into the sound.


The last performance I saw on Sunday was the amazing D+ featuring Phil, Karl and Bret. They only played 6 songs but they were amazing. It was the perfect way to end the weekend. I already can’t wait for next year.


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