What The Heck 2010 Part One

What The Heck? Fest 2010 marked the 9th year of the festival and my second year of attendance.  Anacortes is a beautiful, sleepy little town and this year I was able to explore the island a bit. I plan on visiting at least once more before summer ends. An extra special extended photo essay, divided in two parts:

What The Heck 2010, Part 1

The festival began with a long, meandering walk through Anacortes, stopping in front of various businesses and street corners, finally ending up at the marina. “The Friendship Trail” featured 20+ performers singing a couple songs, introducing their music to the masses.

Markly Morrison of LAKE and Skrill Meadow

Karl Blau

The crowd at the Marina

After The Friendship Trail, there was a dinner show and then, later in the evening, the first Port Warehouse Show.

D+, the ultimate Anacortes super group featuring Phil Elverum (Mt. Erie), Bret Lunsford (Beat Happening) and Karl Blau opened the warehouse show. They’re also the awesome organizers of the event. I camped on Bret’s lawn again, as far away from the goats as possible– I learned my lesson from last year! (baby goats sound like wailing babies in the morning).

Broken Water played an early set, finally chasing away the last remnants of my folk doldrums. Broken Water is probably the most exciting band in Olympia right now, for me at least. You really should give them a listen.

LAKE (featuring my housemate Andrew on bass guitar) played later that night and finally got all the kids dancing.

Phil Elverum, one of the main organizers of the festival, rounded out the night with hauntingly beautiful Mount Erie

And Friday night ended with a lovely sunset/ moon rise over the docks.

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