Wayzgoose in Seattle

According to Wikipedia, a Wayzgoose refers to “ the name for an entertainment given by a master printer to his workmen each year on or about St Bartholomew’s Day, August 24. This marked the traditional end of summer and the point at which the season of working by candlelight began.”

The School of Visual Concepts in Seattle has been hosting a Wayzgoose of sorts for several years now, with this year’s being the most attended and publicized day long festival yet. My summer class carpooled up for the afternoon to watch the steamroller print giant linoleum blocks, tour the facilities and check out the local letterpress artists’ wares. Former student Adam Beadle AKA Team Nerd also had a block prepared for the steamroller and, in my humble opinion, totally kicked artistic ass! It was a beautiful day and a fitting end for a great summer course.







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