uncertain seasons

This past week, I received my final rejection letter of the first tier application season from The University of Pittsburgh.  Even though I knew I had been rejected from the search several months ago when I failed to hear anything from the school, something about holding the physical letter in my hand momentarily solidified a deep feeling of failure and hopelessness. Even though all the positions I applied for had pools of 200 – 300 applicants, I was still hoping for something.  Skowhegan had over 2,500 applicants for their summer program admitting only 65! In the next several months, I will continue to watch for position announcements and join the scrambling masses grasping at the final straws of visiting faculty lines and emergency hires. However, it does look like I’m going to be stuck in Olympia for another year. AHHHHHHHH!!!!!  As I get older, it’s becoming more and more difficult to imagine starting entirely over in a new city without a job, prospects, friends or support.

In addition, I picked up one course a quarter at the local community college starting in Fall. Therefore, I will be teaching three classes a quarter next year, two at Evergreen and one at the community college, and I will continue to be the instructional support staff at Evergreen for 20 hours a week. I really wish I could just drop that gig and focus only on teaching but I get all my benefits and health insurance from staffing. I’ll continue teaching drawing, printmaking and 2D design foundation type courses, always with a healthy smattering of art history and art appreciation elements. If I can’t train artists, I will train future patrons of the arts. That’s what I tell myself anyway.

On the home front, I’m moving on up in the world… to the second floor that is. At the end of the month, I’m moving into a very large upstairs bedroom that looks out into the backyard. It’s more than double the size of my room now and in celebration, I bought an awesome retro chrome and Formica table and chair set off craigslist. I’m excited not to have anyone clomping around above me, more room to have a real office space , and a table to spread all my school work on. The room also gets AMAZING light in the afternoon. Although I’m sad to see some of the long-term ABC housemates move out, I’m excited about the collective re-envisioning process that will happen in the house over the next several months. The house is temporarily going down to five housemates instead of six to see how that affects the Collective’s dynamics (and our budget).

Needless to say, I am desperately looking forward to summer. I have plenty of new ideas for work bubbling over onto the burner… I just need some free time to stir the pot, you know? Sun, swimming, napping under the black walnut tree… these things too will be most excellent. June can’t get here fast enough.

And, because I’ve had a few requests (BTW the magic number was 18):

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