things I know

I know that I am a good teacher. I know that every quarter I teach, I learn just as much as my students. This quarter, I’m rediscovering intaglio and the amount of process working with copper requires. Next quarter, I’m teaching stone lithography for the first time. I like teaching. I really do. However, I’m doubting more and more whether academia is a viable career option for me. Academia is failing. The arts area is having its budget slashed 15 – 25% in the upcoming academic year. As of July 1st, I very well may not have a job. If I do continue on as a staff person, there’s a good chance my class may be cut, which is the one redeeming aspect of being the art bitch 40 hours a week.

In any case, things are gonna change.

What can I do, as an artist and a creative individual, to supplement my income if I get hacked back down to part time? What can I constructively do to advance my career?

Oh my God.

I can make art again.

Goodbye, stability. Good riddance.

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