What The Heck Fest #10

On Friday morning, I tossed my sleeping bag, a couple pillows, and some clothes into my car and headed up to beautiful Anacortes for the supposed final installment of the annual What The Heck Fest. Ten years is not a bad run and and after attending the past few years, I could definitely tell that […]

What The Heck Fest Part Two

Saturday started off with Shipwreck Day, a huge outdoor junk sale that spans the streets of downtown Anacortes. I bought a cedar stump cub head that was made with a chainsaw by this fellow. I was his first sale of the day. The cub was $15 dollars. The thought of my parents opening up their […]

What The Heck 2010 Part One

What The Heck? Fest 2010 marked the 9th year of the festival and my second year of attendance.  Anacortes is a beautiful, sleepy little town and this year I was able to explore the island a bit. I plan on visiting at least once more before summer ends. An extra special extended photo essay, divided […]

What The Heck?!

This past weekend, for the first time, I was able to attend the 8th annual What The Heck? Fest in beautiful Anacortes, Washington. The three day festival primarily features Knw-Yr-Own, Marriage and K recording artists. I had a fantastic time! We camped on Bret Lunsford’s goat farm on the outskirts of town, waking to the […]