Vermont Studio Center, Week One

It’s been an extremely long week and a half filled with days that end too quickly. I’ve been working diligently yet I feel I have little to show for it. I’ve finally consolidated and edited four + years of student work. I’ve also been battling code (with the help of Forrest, Avi and some dude […]

One Week

On Saturday, I leave for a four week residency at The Vermont Studio Center.  I’m scrambling to get everything together before I leave. Between work, teaching, house and Olympia All Ages obligations, I’m feeling stretched thin. I’ve been trying to formulate a plan of action for what I want to get accomplished by the end […]

It’s spring in Olympia. A few updates: This past Friday, Montana and Alabama turned 9 and 7 years old, respectively. They celebrated their birthday by running around outside, napping and scarfing treats, repeatedly. I can’t believe my kitties are older than my housemate’s kids. They are better traveled than many of my friends. Montana alone […]