Into the Woods, part III

Our final day of park exploration began with a small walk through Fern Canyon. As Vanessa succinctly put it: “it’s a canyon… covered in ferns.” nevertheless, it was mighty purty. Then it was off to a large lagoon to rent kayaks. Though I was very pro-kayak in the weeks before our trip, when it came […]

Into the Woods, part II

After a day and a half at the hostel, Joel, Vanessa and I continued our travels south along 101 to Trees of Mystery, a thriving roadside attraction. There, we met Paul Bunyan and Babe the Big Blue Ox (who, funnily enough, has only one giant testicle). Paul winks, shakes his hand, smiles and talks to […]

Into the Woods, part I

On September 9th, with my oldest Oly pals Vanessa and Joel, I ventured for the first time into coastal Northern California’s Redwood National Park. It’s true – everything is bigger in California: the waves, the beaches, the trees. Everything. We started our adventure with a long drive through Washington and Oregon, finally resting our heads […]