Pavement in PDX

Pavement played at Edgefield outside of Portland last night with Quasi. It may as well have been 1994 again. I certainly felt 16. Pavement played the hits and misses, touching on all their releases. On stage for almost 2 hours, the set included quite a bit of witty banter between band mates and the audience. […]

Weekend Meltdown

My weekend epiphany, in order of realization: No one takes my job as seriously as I do. I mentally cannot work more than 40 hours a week for someone other than myself. There is no financial need for me to work more than 30 hours a week. I need to work less for others and […]

april is the cruelest month

Today was the first day of the spring quarter. It wasn’t terrible. I do have four more days in my work week however. Nothing can end badly though when Quasi caps off your Friday! I’m venturing to PDX for a rare performance by the elusive duo (now trio). Love me some grumpy old indie rock. […]