Astoria and Fort Steven’s State Park

Saturday, January 25th was an abnormally warm day. The sun was shining for the first time in what seemed like months, and the temperature reached 60° on the coast. Friend Sarah and I decided to drive to Astoria, Oregon for the day, visiting the Goonies house and Fort Steven’s State Park, the location of the […]

Staircase, Olympic National Park

A few days after returning from Hurricane Ridge, I went for a small day hike in another area of the Olympic National Park, Staircase, which skirts the Skokomish River. Densely forested, with gorgeous mosses blanketing the forest floor and surrounding trees, I hadn’t visited the area in several years. A beautiful new suspension bridge has […]

Astoria and Seaview

Back in November, Lindsay organized a surprise birthday party for Angelo at the cute, retro Sou’wester Lodge in Sea View, Washington. The lodge is just 20 minutes away from Astoria, my favorite Oregon vacation destination nestled on the edge of the Columbia River. Lucas and I made a mini-weekend getaway of it, staying the night […]