Halloween was a piecemeal holiday this year. At the last minute, housemate Shawn and I bought candy and candles, hoping to entice kids to venture up our long, dark driveway. I quickly decorated the front porch and stairs with candelabras, jack-o-lanterns, and 50 tea lights. Shawn rocked the scary sound effect records. Unfortunately, we only […]

Arrington de Dionyso usurps July

Arrington de Dionyso pretty much usurped Olympia’s July. He had an excellent exhibit at Northern throughout the month, officially moved back to Olympia after several years in Portland, played a series of guerrilla house shows with his new band and performed at the closing reception of “Root and Crown.” The photographs below are from a […]

I Love You

On Saturday night, Olympia’s hippest and most talented put on a variety show at the Capitol Theater. It was billed as a “fashion show” but seeing it included videos, performances, and dances, I’m gonna call it a good old fashioned variety show. It’s stuff like this that makes me happy¬† to live in Olympia. Where […]

Procession of the Species

Ah, another year, another Procession of The Species. If I recall, y’all missed out on last year’s photos so I doubled the amount this year. Also, I was able to scramble up onto the Capitol Theater’s Marquee and watch the festivities from above for a unique perspective. Enjoy the freakiness that is Olympia!

Artswalk @ Northern!

This past Friday was Artswalk. Artswalk is like First Friday except it only happens twice a year. Tens of thousands of people come to Olympia to walk around, look at art, eat and socialize. We had a soft open for Northern over the weekend as we have yet to pass inspection. (Hopefully that will happen […]

Starfucker, Experimental Dental School & Desolation Wilderness

are playing in my basement. Tomorrow night. It’s going to be a huge show… for our house at least. I’m gonna guess that we’ll have 150 people crammed into our subterranean performance space, Amor Fou. As some of you may know, I’ve been infatuated with Starfucker since June 2007, back when it was just Josh […]

a beautiful Tuesday morning

I spent Tuesday morning at the Capitol Theater here in Olympia. The Olympia Film Society was projecting the inauguration ceremony on the big screen. Since we’re on the west coast, the ceremony started at 8am. When I arrived at 8:30 or so, the place was jam packed, from the aisles to the balcony. Everyone wanted […]