working for the weekend

The show at the house went off without a hitch. About 80 kids showed up which was less than I thought but still a great turnout for a basement show. Almost everyone in attendance was an Evergreen student. Experimental Dental School was amazing, like one long psychedelic pulsating noise pop drone. They were extremely nice, […]

Starfucker, Experimental Dental School & Desolation Wilderness

are playing in my basement. Tomorrow night. It’s going to be a huge show… for our house at least. I’m gonna guess that we’ll have 150 people crammed into our subterranean performance space, Amor Fou. As some of you may know, I’ve been infatuated with Starfucker since June 2007, back when it was just Josh […]

Math The Band played our basement Thursday night, with wonderful Iji from Seattle and Angelo Spencer from Olympia. My ears were almost bleeding by the night’s end but the show was amazing nonetheless. Two new friends took money at the door for Oly All Ages, Sarah Cass and her husband Joel Davenport. They are AMAZING […]

Mikrofest was held again this past weekend at two different houses. Over twenty regional bands performed. I wanted to see Angelo Spencer play, and caught a few other acts as well over the course of the night. Tonight, Angelo Spencer plays our house! More to follow….