Buffalo City Hall

At the beginning of September, I shuffled off to Buffalo to visit my grandmothers, old friends and other assorted family members. I had a variety of adventures, including touring City Hall, re-visiting Old Fort Niagara (hadn’t been there since 4th grade) and ghost hunting at one of the most haunted sites in the country, Rolling […]

Theodore Roosevelt National Park

At the end of June, I attended a letterpress conference in Mt. Pleasant, Iowa. I drove there and back, stopping in Milwaukee to catch up with old friend Adam Beadel, who is in the process of setting up a letterpress shop there (photos to follow). Driving through North Dakota, I stopped at Theodore Roosevelt National […]

Rust Belt Baby, part 2

On Monday night, Ken, my old neighbor and fellow Hamburg High School alum, and I drove around Buffalo’s historic waterfront. In recent years (read: since I’ve been gone), Buffalo has been pumping money into rejuvenating its waterfront property on Lake Erie. It seems to be working. Beautiful open green spaces have replaced decaying buildings and […]

Buffalo, New York part 1

On Tuesday night, I returned from a long weekend visiting my hometown of Buffalo, New York. I hadn’t visited Western New York since December 2010. Since my parents moved away last summer, visits are even fewer and far between. The visit revolved around meeting Paige, a seven week old baby belonging to Candace, my good […]

Candace and Andy’s Wedding

On September 18, I hopped on a plane to Buffalo, NY to see my friend from High School tie the knot. The wedding was very beautiful and I have to admit that even I got a little teary eyed. However, three large life lessons were learned, painfully, over the course of several days back in […]

The last month plus some, in pictures. In mid-December, Olympia was snowed in for almost a week. It was a few feet of snow, unheard of at this altitude. People were housebound for days as streets remained un-plowed and impassable. The house looked like a winter wonderland from the backyard. Housemates Erin and Lenny Getting […]