Rest in peace, pretty chicky.

Yesterday, one of the members of the Hard Luck Hen Collective left the ABC House for that big chicken coop in the sky. Nearly two years old, we believe Carmelita passed of natural causes. One of my housemates buried her in the backyard this morning. I couldn’t even watch. She was an Aracauna; she had […]


The past month and a half has left me reeling. Changes for the worse at work, heavy course loads all around, application season and other professional obligations have left me with very little personal or creative time. However, after this weekend, I am able to see the light at the end of the tunnel, at […]

Sunday Morning

The weather held out long enough on Sunday to enjoy a walk through an urban park with housemates Ruth and Erin. Before we left, I spent some quality time with the ladies in the Hard Luck Hen Collective. It’s definitely fall in the Pacific Northwest.

dramatic chickens

Kombucha, Caramel and Chirpy, our most personable chicks, pose for some dramatic portraits at approximately 7 weeks old.

Kombucha and Friends

The chicks are now approximately 4 weeks old. They each have their own definite personality; they’re so fascinating to watch. The kids were also here this weekend, providing adorable photo ops. This weekend was beautiful and temperatures in Olympia topped 80 degrees. Kombucha! Hollis discovered that the chicks love dandelion seeds. The Hard Luck Hen […]

another sunday afternoon

Another Sunday afternoon at the ABC House. Chickens and bonfires. Chicks, from left to right, as named by Kindred and Hollis (with the exception of Kombucha): Kombucha, Caramel, Chirpy, Shaky (being held) and Pecker. Yes, we have a chicken named Pecker. Kindred and Caramel Kombucha! Housemate Ruth is in Love with my cat Alabama Shawn […]

Spring Chickens

The ABC House has chickens! Well, cute fluffy baby chicks to be exact. On Sunday, some intrepid housemates and I went to a local feedstore and bought five different varities of chicks. We have a Golden Sexlink, a Golden Laced Wyandotte, a Barred Rock, an Araucana (lays green and blue eggs!) and a Buff Orpington […]