Sunday and Monday and Home Again

Sleepy Sunday, and it took some time to leave the house. Kai showed me his cat hair ball, posing with 16 year old Onslo from whom loose hair was collected over the past 7 years. I had brunch with Emily and her fiancé Jun. Then I met fellow Alfred alum and ex-Portlander Lesley at the Brooklyn Flea Market. Then it was off to visit with high school friend Jim back in Crown Heights. Sunday was also the day that riding the subway became decidedly un-fun and I could see how living even a few neighborhoods apart from friends in the city could cause a social rift. Monday morning was goodbyes and trudging through snowy streets, wandering through Penn Station, taking a train into New Jersey and flying home only to drive another hour to Olympia.

Emotionally exhausted, overwhelmed by the kindness of friends, realizing how important community is, back on the West Coast, livin’ in snow-covered Endor.

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