summer times

Summer posting has been fairly sparse, but rest assured that I have been lazily basking in the sun, hiding from the heat (we had a stretch of several 100+ degree days here in the Northwest!), reading, planning, and playing. Lots and lots of playing. I can’t believe it’s already August.

a few things:

1. I have given up my out of control coffee habit… but have replaced it with alcohol. Up until the end of July, I had not had a drink in 7 months. It’s fun to drink half a can of PBR and feel lightheaded.

2. Northern has hosted several rad performances and events (mostly embarrassingly under-attended – I blame Summer), one of which included a Northwest bike tour of experimental films made in Buffalo, NY. The universe once  again demonstrated how small the world truly is by revealing that one of the tour’s coordinators was an old high school classmate. This particular classmate had long been on my list of people I hated from high school but turns out he’s grown into a really nice guy doing very interesting things. Go figure.

3. I had a very intense astrology  reading, ten years after my initial visit to Lily Dale. Funnily enough, many of the same life themes emerged in both readings. I don’t know how much faith I put into such things but much like my views on religion, I cannot deny that something larger than myself has the potential to direct or at least influence my life. Fate, God, The Divine Goddess, the planets and stars. Whatever you happen to believe in, you choose where you place your faith. Anyway, turns out I’m supposed to be living in Pennsylvania or Columbus, Ohio. We’ll see if that ever comes to fruition.

4. My lazy, fat, old cat who has been content to spend the last 9 years of his life perpetually sprawled across my bed has now decided he’s Olympia’s best mouser. I have had to catch (with the help of my housemates) two live mice fearfully cowering under my bed. He enjoys bringing them to me in my room. I do not enjoy it. At all.

Summer photos, now with Chickens!






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