September Art @ Northern

For the month of September, Northern is hosting an amazing photography exhibit featuring hundreds of images by artists Aylin Güngör, Tara Jane ONeil and Themba Lewis. The opening was a couple weeks ago and was very well attended. We’re having a closing reception this Friday with musical guests Mt. Erie, Karl Blau, Tara Jane O’Neil (one of the featured artists) and No Kids. Should be an amazing event. Biographies of September’s artists are found below along with photos of the install!

Aylin Güngör (Istanbul)
Aylin Güngör lives on the Asian side of Istanbul, where she is editor-in-chief of BANT Magazine ( and a radio host. Her photography combines documentation of Istanbul’s punk arts and music scene (including photos of foreign musicians like Marnie Stern, Xiu Xiu, Deerhoof, Gang Gang Dance, etc) with candid portraiture and blown-out landscapes. Forgoing digital cameras for the light play of film, Alyin’s photos appear almost as if shot in slow motion. This is her first exhibition in the USA.

Tara Jane ONeil (Portland)
Tara Jane ONeil is an accomplished visual artist whose paintings and drawings have exhibited worldwide, and appeared on several record covers and in numerous publications; two books of her artwork have been published, Who Takes A Feather (Map Press, Japan, 2003) and Wings. Strings. Meridians: A Blighted Bestiary (Yeti, 2007). She recently completed her 5th full-length album, A Ways Away, released on K Records. Over the course of the past many years and numerous continents TJO has photographically recorded scenes and absurdities with no real intention of exhibiting them. Now is the time.

Themba Lewis (Olympia)
Themba Lewis started taking pictures of his friends skateboarding in the late 1980’s in Indonesia. Since that time he has struggled to combine disparate interests, resulting in an incomprehensible life-plan. His photographs document the last few years, including scenes from post-communist Eastern Europe, Sudanese refugee gang life in Cairo, music festivals in England, recording sessions, arson and global industrial decline. This is Themba’s first photo show in Olympia since 2003.









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