Sedona, Arizona – Day 4

Continuing through Arizona, I headed to Flagstaff, turning south for a day in Sedona. I made it to the outskirts of town as night fell. I found the nearest campground and hastily set up my tent as daylight disappeared. I woke up at 7am the next morning, refreshed abd ready to spend the day hiking the hills of Sedona.  Sedona is Arizona’s, and arguably the entire Southwest’s, New Age mecca. I last visited in 2007 and had always regretted not taking the time to have a psychic reading. This time, I made sure to schedule one. I had the most intense, beautiful experience with Rima Thundercloud and, should any of my secretly-hippie friends want to make the sojourn, I cannot recommend her highly enough. Seriously amazing, mind blowing insights from a kind and beautiful soul. Sedona is also known for its multiple vortexs— areas of low magnetic energy thought to increase consciousness and promote healing. I spent several hours hiking to some of those locations as well. Even though Sedona is being developed and turning into quite the eco-tourist destination, the canyons are beautiful and the scenery is breathtaking.

After leaving Sedona, I had one more unexpected stop later in the evening: Meteor Crater, Arizona! I highly recommend checking out their website. The museum was professional and informative, and the crater itself greatly reminded me of Mt. St. Helens. It was a fantastic way to end a long, emotionally overwhelming day.

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