Saturday in the city

On Saturday the lovely, talented Theresa Pfarr decided to visit NYC via Philly after much coercion (including a bribe).  After I made it back to Bushwick from Marisa’s couch, Kai and I made plans to leave for the Lower East Side to meet Theresa but not before checking out the views on the roof. Despite the frigid temperatures and gusting wind, I was able to appreciate the spectacular vista and rad graf. Don’t I sound like I belong in New York?

While Kai and I waited for Theresa’s call, we had brunch at B & H Vegetarian Diner. Once Theresa arrived (almost 2 hours late!) we went to The New Museum (great Lynda Benglis exhibit!), various other LES galleries and then into Chinatown where we ate delicious dumplings before Theresa had to jump back on the train for Philly. Later, another Indian feast was had with Kai, Meridith, Brian, Gabe Bennett and new friend Mike Smith. As far as awesome days go, this one is pretty damn near the top.

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