Rialto Beach

This weekend, I went camping on Rialto Beach in the Olympic National Park, just outside of Forks, Washington. You need a back country permit from the National Park Service to hike in and camp on the coast. Oh, and don’t forget the bear canister rentals! Luckily, I got a pass on Friday afternoon before the onslaught of weekend hikers. Rialto is one of my favorite places, located next to the Quileute Tribe headquarters in La Push. I saw bald eagles, a river otter, starfish, pelicans and numerous tide pool creatures. It was a beautiful weekend. Wish you were there.

My second campsite. I had to move the first after I discovered a smelly dead seal in the driftwood near my tent.

How Ramen is meant to be enjoyed: over flames, on the beach.

Sunset. So lovely.

Sunrise the next morning.

Bald Eagle circling in the sky.

Hole in The Wall.

Tide pools as far as the eye can see at low tide, about 7 in the morning.

Best buddies.

Pacific Green Sea Anemone!!

James Island in the background.


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