On Friday, April 1st, myself and a number of patient people hung over 200 prints from over 60 local artists and students at Northern working with various print methods.

From the Press Release:

For the first three weeks of April, Northern is pleased to present “Printstravaganza!” featuring the work of over 60 local artists working within the confines of print media. From traditional etchings to alternative photographic processes, these artists experiment and manipulate line, shape, form and color in a variety of ways, exploring printmaking as both graphic and fine art. Long relegated to the realm of fine art presses and academia, printmaking has experienced a recent resurgence in popularity over the last decade as a proletariat art form, as artists reclaim dusty letterpress equipment and set up screen-printing shops in their basements.  Northern invites you to witness Olympia’s print revival, meet the artists, and begin thinking about print in an entirely new way. Please join us for the opening reception this Saturday, April 2nd from 7 – 10pm. The show will run through April 21st.

Over 150 people came out for the opening, and Olympia made up for all those times it can be an incredibly lame place to be an artist.

Photos as evidence:

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