Pavement in PDX

Pavement played at Edgefield outside of Portland last night with Quasi. It may as well have been 1994 again. I certainly felt 16. Pavement played the hits and misses, touching on all their releases. On stage for almost 2 hours, the set included quite a bit of witty banter between band mates and the audience. I was interested in hearing if they omitted the final verse in “Range Life,” which slanders The Smashing Pumpkins and Stone Temple Pilots. They played the song in its entirety; Stephen Malkmus had a devilish grin on his face throughout that final once-controversial verse, past prophecies having proven true with time. Overall it was a great show, and I’m so psyched I finally had the opportunity to see one of the most influential musical acts of my teenaged years live.

Favorite quote of the night by Stephen Malkmus: “I mean, I like the idea of Sasquatch. I’d like it more if I was a teenager. And liked camping… and lived in Boise. I live in Portland. I’m a city boy. Bands come to me.” After bitching about their set at the festival, Scott Kannberg quipped, “Stephen, you’re ruining our chances of being invited to play again in 2030.”

Photos of Quasi and Pavement below (thanks to Jess and Eric for the borrowed point’n shoot!) :

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