Toppenish and Snoqualmie Pass

After the WWE show in Yakima, Sarah and I drove a little further east to Sunnyside, Washington and stayed at a hotel there for the night. The next day, thrift stores on our mind, we stopped at a couple locales ultimately ending up in Toppenish. A sign on the highway beckoned “Mural Museum.” We were hooked. Their website is quite fantastic and has photos of all the murals in the city with explanations of each scene.

We had to leave sooner than we wanted because the weather was worsening at Snoqualmie Pass. As we climbed the mountain in my little Hyundai Accent, the snow started. We soon reached a chaining area and we had to put chains on the tires. After a fair bout of cursing, we finally got the front wheels chained up and continued toward the top of the mountain. I kid you not, this was easily the most extreme driving I have ever done. Definitely white knuckle driving. Essentially, the chains on  the tires cramponed the car on about three inches of shear ice on the road. The next day, the pass was actually closed as the winter weather pattern descended into western Washington. Snowpocalypse 2012 coming next post!  Sarah took these photos as we were coming down off the mountain, when I was no longer terrified for our lives.

As a treat, we stopped in North Bend for dinner at Twede’s Cafe, the famous Twin Peaks Cafe. Second time in four months!

And we even made a night time stop at Snoqualmie Falls… definitely want to go back this summer.

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