on losing that loving feeling

Man, this fall, I just can’t get into it, whatever it is.

At the end of this week, the quarter will be half over. I finally have time to come up to the surface for a breather this evening, after suffering an immobilizing headache this afternoon that forced me to cancel my drawing class.

I have work up at the community college, work up in PDX, and various applications out. I have a bunch of printing for Northern to finish up, a top-secret project in the design phase, and another show offer for February 2013. In less than two weeks, I’m flying to Vegas for Theresa’s wedding. Christmas will be spent in Kentucky this year, as my parents relocated from Buffalo, NY to Louisville, KY. My mother has never lived further than 8 miles from her mother.

Currently, my “Debt-Free by 33” plan is still in effect, though I expect that the campaign name is going to have to be altered to “Debt-Free by 33 and a Half.” I want to kill my student loan so I don’t have to worry about income… for a while, at least. I’m working on my Washington State Bucket List as well. GoldMyer Hot Springs was triumphed over this past weekend. Maybe I’ll go to Leavenworth sometime this winter.

I need to make it out to Milwaukee and NYC again in the new year. Wrestlemania is still an option for Spring Break, if I can save enough money without impacting my student loan repayment plan.

I just finished watching all 7 seasons of Star Trek: The Next Generation. I wish Captain Piccard was real and that he was protesting at Occupy Wallstreet. I need a new show to obsessively watch. And yes, I already finished Twin Peaks this past spring.

This site is undergoing a professional redesign in the next two months. My super talented friend who happens to be a professional web-designer is moving the site to an all WordPress platform. Should be pretty exciting. Much more profesh and standardized. It’ll be infinitely easier to upload new work. Printopia is going to be awesome, too. Expect a lot of art book reviews in the future!

Alright. that’s all I got. Random update OVER.


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