October Art @ Northern

For the month of October, Northern exhibited the work of two Seattle based artists, Kinoko and Team Nerd/ N. Adam Beadel. Kinoko paints and draws ethereal scenes, casting a variety of human yet animal-like characters within primitive, dreamlike atmospheres. Team Nerd/ N. Adam Beadel is a printmaker focusing on relief techniques with a DIY aesthetic. His work is inspired by the people he loves most in life, as he intricately carves and hand prints their portraits in larger than life detail or postcard-sized visages. Both Kinoko and Beadel have exhibited their works in the Pacific Northwest and nationally. Kinoko facilitates screen-printing workshops at The Vera Project in Seattle and Beadel teaches zine making workshops in and around Seattle. The photos below are from their closing reception on November 1st.

Biographies provided by the artists:

Kinoko is a Seattle polyglot, illustrator, cartoonist, cyclist, dj, friend to magic, people and animals. Obsessed with drawing the mythologies of society and technology, these manic times drive her exploration of the New Folk. As a cyber shaman, she finds lore for those who have lost their roots to the ancient. In the sea of new media and information she ties together humanity as one by mixing up the old and new in a light hearted heaviness. Kinoko is got the eye and the attitude for insouciant illustrative works with emotional, popping and often fluo palette. More about Kinoko can be found by visiting flickr and through her blog.

Team Nerd/N. Adam Beadel is a Printmaker.  All he does is print.  And carve.  And print.  He graduated from Evergreen.  He makes books.  He makes zines.  He likes to dance.  He’s a master of production and a recession proof promotion.  All he wants to do is make you smile.

Adam, a former student, just received a prestigious apprenticeship at Yee Haw Industries.












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