No Sleep!

’til Brooklyn!

Last week, I hopped on a plane in Seattle on Wednesday night and woke up Thursday morning in Newark International Airport. Two hours later, I emerged from the underground in Bushwick and stumbled up four flights of stairs to Meridith Pingree and Kai Vierstra‘s live/work space, my gracious hosts and base camp for the next several days and nights. We went out for breakfast, caught up, and after returning to their place, I promptly took a several hour nap. Later that evening, Meridith and I ventured to Chelsea to catch a few openings. Tara Donovan’s pin drawings at Pace were the sublime, and there was a pretty decent painting show of an artist that Meridith knew, but I forget the gallery and the artist’s name, otherwise I would post photos. We ran into VCU alum Brian Caverly and Sarah Bednarek as well as a small army of Meridith’s artist friends. I also met up with Melissa Armstrong from last year’s residency at The Vermont Studio Center.

However, despite the familiar faces, I knew I was in New York when I found myself at Stefan Stux during a performance in which a naked, redheaded man with a mullet did the worm across the gallery floor while his hands were bound, only to reach a ukulele and, writhing out of his ties, proceed to don an ill-fitting Superman t-shirt and beat said ukulele with a large plastic pink dildo.

I think Thursday night ended fairly early and dinner consisted of delicious pizza slices by the subway.

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