New Years

So far, 2011 has been fast and furious, leaving me with little time to do anything but complete each task directly in front of me. I’m running about two hours ahead of schedule, which when teaching three classes on two different campuses, scheduling and organizing a studio for other faculty’s classes, and trying to run a non-profit gallery with any semblance of professionalism, just isn’t enough time.

In any case, New Years Eve was probably one of the most magical experiences I’ve ever had in Olympia. For the first time in a long time, New Years Eve was anything but forgettable. A hip local thrift store re-purposed its space for one night only, hosting a Pacific Northwest all-lady drum circle with over a dozen full kits and over 20 women drummers from various local rock outfits. Shortly before midnight, a candlelit ceremony took place in the middle of the circle as drum sticks were passed to any lady in the crowd who wanted to bang in the new year.

On New Years Day, my housemates and I went for a hike to the Evergreen beach to pet Jellyfish for good luck.

Here’s to walking with your own beat in 2011.

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