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The past couple have months have marked the beginning of a radical shift in personal perspective. On all fronts, it feels as if things are changing. Changing in ways they have to, have needed to, for a very long time. A cosmic kick in the ass, perhaps? Who knows. Regardless, things are falling apart in ways that are simultaneously terrifying and exciting.

This piece of advice, given to me recently by old friend Pete, neatly sums up my current life dilemma:  don’t burn bridges until you are sure you’re 75% the way across.

That said, here are my new life priorities in numerical order:

1. Make work. Art. I need to make stuff above everything else I do in life. I’m miserable when I’m not able to get my ideas onto paper in a visual way. Sorry, blog. Lists don’t cut it.

2. Find another job. Yup. Time to move on. I am stagnating, beginning to get fungus of the brain. The Olympia chapter of my life is over.

3. Start a press. Renegade Cascade Editions is officially getting off the ground. Watch for my etsy site this summer.

4. Continue growing as a teacher. Not only does this (somewhat) financially sustain me, I enjoy it immensely. Go figure.

That’s it, friends. If it doesn’t fall on my list, expect a slow, unconcerned response. I am no longer willing to overextend myself for unappreciative others at the cost of my life passions and creative visions.

Whew. How about them apples.

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