McLane Creek Nature Trail

Last weekend, I went for a walk at McLane Creek, a nearby nature trail, with my housemate Erin. We ended up going off trail and getting a little lost but it was worth it. I need walks in the woods like this in the winter after long, stressful weeks of work and classes to remind me why I love the Pacific Northwest.

This is a fungus commonly called Witches Butter and I spotted it from a mile away. This is my new favorite fungi. It’s edible and is currently being used to treat allergies. It acts as a natural antihistamine!  This specimen was about the size of a baseball and it felt slimy yet firm when touched.

Along the boardwalk, we found a very large salamander. I picked it up and noticed that it was in the process of eating a large slug! Gross! Yet oh so fascinating.

We walked the length of the creek for a while. McLane is a great place to watch the salmon run in the fall. They spawn in the creek and then die, their bodies becoming tangled in creekside bushes and banks. We found this gorgeous salmon mandible on the shore. These fish have BIG, SHARP TEETH.

Hippie still life:

After bushwhacking our way through downed trees, Devils Club stalks and tons of underbrush, we finally found a downed tree to cross over the creek and get back to the main trail. Also, I wish I would have gotten a pair of rubber boots years ago.

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