Last weekend at Northern

This past weekend was Northern’s final weekend at the old 321 space on 4th Ave. Before we even found a home for Northern, we knew that whatever space we found would most likely be temporary. Two years and two months is a good run for an all-ages venue, even in such a fickle town as Olympia. The building we rented was purchased in early spring and by late spring, we knew we would be vacating the building in August. We had hoped to have found a new space before we vacated but unfortunately, the space we had already signed a new lease for fell through. Now, for the moment, we are homeless. We are, however, running a Kickstarter Campaign to fund our new space. If you care about art and music and care about teenagers caring about art and music, please donate whatever you can. We have a bunch of really great rewards, too!

Here are some parting shots of Northern, including our final show. Calvin Johnson played the final set, just as he played the one of the first. O Paon also played, as well as The Olympia Free Choir.

The Hive Dwellers.

Sunday morning, I began packing and sorting through years of accumulated stuff. While I am sad to move out of the space, I am anxious for a more professional venue and gallery. Our final gallery exhibit featured local artists and Olympia ex-pats. Perhaps I will get around to posting photos of the opening eventually. The artists came and picked up their work before we started dismantling the space. We took everything — even things that were bolted down, as we knew the space was going to be gutted in a week.

Mike and Vadi, Northern’s Promotions Guru and Volunteer Coordinator respectively.

What I won’t miss: smashed mailboxes, the smell of piss, shitty graffiti, transient youth and pitbulls with braided hemp leashes.

Out the door, for the final time.

The majority of Northern’s stuff is now stored in my basement. Hopefully between the Kickstarter Campaign and community involvement, we’ll find a new home soon. Here’s to bigger and better things. Stay tuned.


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