June Opening at Northern

On Sunday, Northern had its official grand opening. The work of PJ Sykes and Sarah Cass adorned the walls and the Olympia Free Choir sang a few songs for the occasion.  With the massive help of Mariella and Dirk, the walls were painted and the work was hung and secured just in time for the doors to open. The event was well attended and everyone responded positively to the work. I think everything came together rather well; it’s a fitting tribute to fandom and the perfect first show for the gallery.

From the press release:

“Photographers Sarah Cass and PJ Sykes shoot band portraits and rock shows. Sarah Cass, based simultaneously out of Olympia, Denver and New York City, photographs portraiture of underground and popular independent acts while Richmond, Virginia’s PJ Sykes prefers to capture candid shots of punk and guitar driven rock bands. Sykes’s gritty, black and white photographs contrast sharply against Cass’s poppy, saturated color palette. Both artists have had their work published extensively in magazines such as Spin, Paste and Skyscraper among many others. The show will run through the month of June.”

Check out their work!







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