Into the Woods, part III

Our final day of park exploration began with a small walk through Fern Canyon. As Vanessa succinctly put it: “it’s a canyon… covered in ferns.” nevertheless, it was mighty purty. Then it was off to a large lagoon to rent kayaks. Though I was very pro-kayak in the weeks before our trip, when it came down to getting out in the water on a plastic injection molded floating fluorescent green boat that promised to completely soak my entire lower body, I was less than enthused. However, after a couple false starts, I finally signed my life away for the rental agency and got in the damn boat. I had a dry sack to carry my camera in, so between fumbling for photos and my innate gracelessness, Joel and Vanessa lapped me several times. Meh. On our way home, there was a herd of elk posing for an impromptu photo shoot in a perfectly designated area. One more campfire and Tasty Bite feast later and we were on the road back to Olympia, adventure achieved.









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