in disguise with glasses

It’s that time again — new glasses! Every two years, my insurance pays for new specs. For the past 6 years, I’ve purchased my frames exclusively from random places on the web, with pretty good luck. My last pair were transparent plastic, which I liked at first but I’ve been reverting back to my old brown fades more and more. This biennium, I’m going for the pair I’ve always wanted and never thought I could pull off. Laugh if you will, but these glasses are my optical soul mates:


I’m turning 30 in less than two months. I still listen to Elliott Smith, Built To Spill, Beat Happening and Wilco constantly. I have had a crush on Rivers Cuomo since 1994. I’ve seen Low in concert five times in four cities over the past ten years, each time accompanied by sensitive, attractive men I’ve been doomed to have a failed relationship with or no relationship with at all. I’m either too insecure, too pushy, too pretentious, too introverted, too extroverted, too stand-offish, too eager, too naive, too un-trusting, too busy, too clingy, too independent, too un-affectionate, too bookwormish, too good, too cynical or too sincere.

Without words, these glasses say it all.

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