I Love You

On Saturday night, Olympia’s hippest and most talented put on a variety show at the Capitol Theater. It was billed as a “fashion show” but seeing it included videos, performances, and dances, I’m gonna call it a good old fashioned variety show. It’s stuff like this that makes me happy¬† to live in Olympia. Where else could this have happened? Certainly not in Portland or Brooklyn. I laughed, I cried. There’s truly a lovely, quirky little community in this town.


Greta Jane and aerial performer Carlin


Kimya Dawson and The Olympia Free Choir with Dancing Kids


Bridget Irish and crew perform Night On Disco Mountain!


Viscera choreographed by Mary Russell (a former student!)


Cairo Pythian performs The Dark End… with smoke machine. Best. Performance. Ever.


I love Olympia in the Spring.

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