hey! you!

It seems like personal web logs, or “blogs” as the kids used to say, are dying.

I used to have a whole slew of friends who journaled about their daily existence. Now it’s all Internet aggregates like Tumblr and Twitter and Facebook and whatever prime real estate Google is buying up on the world wide web monopoly board.  Even though I wear T-shirts that are older than this blog, coming up on 7 years of typing about life and how I live it is nothing to sneeze at. With the exception of some limited input from a few talented web-savy friends, it’s been DIY coding all the way, baby.

That is why today, yes TODAY, I am asking you lurkers to show yourselves and officially say hello by joining the Google Friend Connect box to the right of this blurb. I’m dying to know who the hell y’all are. Say hello!



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