Happy 17th Birthday – 1995

Last night, I felt like I was in High School again and not in a good way. This morning, I actually texted the following message to a friend: “Seriously, shittiest night since I was 17. WTF?”

This evening seemed apt  for going through cases and cases of CDs, uploading all my once loved, incredibly nostalgic albums into itunes. In high school, one of my most cherished and influential band obsessions was Tugboat Annie. I went to every all ages show they played in the greater Buffalo metropolitan area. Tonight, as I popped Tugboat Annie’s “Superfriends*” into my computer, I noticed something peaking out from between the CD insert:



The tape in question was a demo version of new material for the next album. I know I still have that tape floating around in my parent’s basement somewhere.

13 years later, have I really changed so much? Has life, love and everything in between become more easily understandable? Is life any less ridiculous? I don’t think so. Not really.

“It’s sad in the end, in a way it’s the same thing once again.” – Tugboat Annie, “Only” 1995

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