Hank Green & Harry and the Potters @ Northern

On Monday, July 30th, Northern hosted the 10 year “bandiversary” tour by Harry and The Potters, with long time friends The Potter Puppet Pals and Hank Green. Nerd rock at its finest, the show sold all 150 presale tickets to eager teenagers and their sometimes-less-than-eager parents. Regardless, it was Northern’s first bona fide sellout in the new space and though I was initially worried about how all those bodies were going to cram into our space, it worked out awesomely!

You can see the line waiting to get into Northern here (click on the image for a larger view):

The audience appeared to be split in two: the kids that were REALLY into Hank Green and the kids that were REALLY into Harry and The Potters. The show began promptly at 7pm and was over promptly at 9:30pm. Everyone had a blast; the next morning, my face was actually sore from smiling so much. For real.

Hank Green:

Potter Puppet Pals!

Harry and The Potters!

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