Halloween Party 2008

Halloween was wild. I spent the majority of Friday cleaning, decorating and hiding breakables. Essentially, I party proofed the house. The party lasted from 10pm until 8 in the morning, when the last conscious party goers left the property. Several people were passed out on couches in the living room and basement until well after one in the afternoon. The inevitable cop arrival happened at 3:30am, much later than we anticipated. They told us to turn the music down because neighbors had complained. That was it. They took a housemates’ name and left. The interaction was surprisingly pleasant.

We estimate, based on past events, that well over 250 people attended throughout the night, filling our backyard, basement and house to critical mass. Except for one dude on an extremely bad trip, everyone was rad and respectful. It was quite an amazing party.

The living room decor…



Housemate Erin and I. I was a 90s grunge zombie while Erin pulled off a brilliant zombie bride. Photo taken by Marcus’s cell phone.


The back porch, around 3am.


The morning after, the house was obviously trashed. One corner of the basement…


The kitchen…

The backyard, with skull in the tree.


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