Goodbye, 2015.

Goodbye, 2015. I will not miss you.

This was an exceptionally difficult year with few highlights. In May, I completed the Professional Printer Training Program at Tamarind, which was somewhat underwhelming. In April, I lost Alabama, my 13 year old cat, to congestive heart failure and endured the singular most difficult day of my life in the wake of his death. Less than a month later, Montana, my 15 year old cat was diagnosed with sinus cancer. He’s sitting by my side now and we’re taking it day by day. After the PPT program, I started a 6,200 + mile road trip; dear friend Erin Oly drove with me during the first leg from Albuquerque to Olympia, with Montana in tow. I stayed in town for two weeks, hosted by the ever lovely Hukee and Melanie. I taught a couple workshops in town at Pope Press and at at the Sitka Center for Art and Ecology on the Oregon Coast before unexpectedly heading east through a horrific heatwave. I stopped in Milwaukee and visited with friend Adam and Team Nerd Letterpress before heading to Buffalo to help my grandmother pack up her house of 45 years. Louisville was the next stop, visiting my folks for the first time in several years. In July, back in Albuquerque, I was offered a job in Arizona, which I accepted out of financial desperation. In the span of a month, I packed up everything I owned or donated it to charity. Two-thirds of my stuff currently resides in an Albuquerque storage locker, including my entire print studio. In August I moved to Flagstaff. Within two weeks, a friend committed suicide and my family learned that my Grandmother has stage IV cancer, which she has chosen not to treat. In September, I started teaching a huge course load of five classes, totaling 90 students. In November, I flew back to Buffalo to visit my Grandmother. December rounded the year out nicely for me by getting dumped, having a skin biopsy, being bitten by a dog, and spending the holidays acting as a hospice provider for my now-ailing, elderly cat.

The few highlights of 2015 include the self-publication of my artist book, “Dead Wrestlers: Their Words,” the beautiful litho press and lot of stones I bought from Evergreen at auction, and the nice fellow I dated until said December dumping.

Bring on the New Year. Please.


Alabama and Montana, in healthier days, beginning of 2015. Albuquerque, NM


Some of the Tamarind Crew outside of Frontier, February 2015, Albuquerque, NM (Danielle, Amanda, Candice and Jackie).


Joel Brazzel during spring break in March 2015, at the Chinati Foundation, Marfa, Texas.


Last day with Alabama, April 2, 2015. I was a wreck.


Sleater-Kinney in Albuquerque, May 2015– a much needed respite.


Somewhere in Oregon, May 2015– break out from Albuquerque and the beginning of my cross country road trip.


Oly CLAW event at the Brotherhood in May– a great night.


Montana in the apple tree outside of Melanie and Hukee’s house, May 2015, Olympia, WA.


Poppy amongst the ferns at Catherine’s house– this was became a very meditative image for me. Shelton, WA.


The Oregon coast at sunset during my letterpress workshop at the Sitka Center, May 2015.


Proof of my continued existence.


Sunrise traveling east somewhere in Idaho, June 2015.


Back in Albuquerque, after deciding to move to Flagstaff. Half of my storage unit. July 2015.


Neither Montana nor myself were very impressed with the apartment we took sight unseen in Flagstaff. August 2015.


Life begins over again in Arizona, August 2015.


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