goldmyer hotsprings

In the middle of October, myself and PIAPTK and family made a day long trek to the beautiful Goldmyer Hot Springs. The hot springs are immaculately maintained and are located on private property. A Seattle based land trust manages the springs, and caretakers are entrusted to the site for 6 months to a year long interval. Only 20 people are admitted each day to limit impact to the surrounding environment. I did not take any photos of the springs themselves as it was constantly full of bathers for the few hours we were there. The water falls into three pools, each cooler in temperature. The spring was discovered while mining in the early 1900s and has been a destination for soakers for over 100 years. It’s a trek to get there: 15 miles on a gravel road with myriad potholes and then a five mile hike in on an old forestry road. We left Oly at 6am and didn’t return until after 10pm. We had dinner at a nearby Northwest pop-culture attraction… and dessert featuring a damn fine cup of coffee and a delicious slice of cherry pie. (P.S. The owls are not what they seem.)

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