Friendly Friday

Friday, I had plans with the lovely Alexis and old high school bestie Marisa. I took the L to the G to the S and, after an hour of travel, arrived in the Crown Heights neighborhood just in time to make breakfast with Alexis. Sounds like a cable access TV show, eh? The weather was absolutely gorgeous, with temperatures rising into the mid-60s by early afternoon. After breakfast, we decided to enjoy the sunshine and walk across the Brooklyn Bridge.

Later, I had plans with old friend Marisa. We met downtown and took a quick spin through the International Center for Photography. After drinks a quick stop for a drink, we decided to grab some Indian food at a place I would later discover is known affectionately in some circles as “Battle India.” Four Indian restaurants are stacked on top of each other, each bedecked in gaudy, blinking lights. The restaurants employ greeters that literally stand on the sidewalk and try to pull you in to their establishment over their ‘competition.’

It is almost certain that these restaurants share the same kitchen and menu.

Of course, Marisa and I chose the one with the most gaudy lights. After the strangest tasting Malia Kofta in my entire life (bananas? really?), we went back to her place, then out to the Brooklyn Public House for more drinks, and then back to her place where we watched Dirty Dancing until we both passed out. Whew! What a day!

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