four day weekends

Through July, I will be enjoying four and a half day weekends. I started summer off right with a three day excursion to Portland to celebrate memorial day. I stayed with friends Jess and Erik and enjoyed several lazy sun soaked days. The impetus, however, was to go see Grizzly Bear kick off their national tour in support of their new album “Veckatimest.” It’s a haunting, lovely record that is quickly becoming my soundtrack to early summer. Their performance was amazing, even better than the first time I saw them a few years ago. I had a great time in PDX and, as always, I was pretty depressed for a few days after returning to Olympia. One year from now, I will either be moving to Portland, Chicago or Albuquerque.

The weather was beautiful. Our living room, the morning I left.


An afternoon spent in Laurelhurst Park.


The closest my camera got to Grizzly Bear.


How I felt after returning home:


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