Fall Arts Walk

On October 1st, Olympia held the fall version of its twice yearly Arts Walk event. All the local businesses opened their doors, displaying the works of local artists on every wall and surface space available. Northern had a small, week long exhibit- a women only invitational of sorts. Myself, Vanessa and Rachael Lang, Marina Phillips and Brittany Stallings all showed our new work. Vanessa made large, circular assemblages, Rachael showed a couple new photo-cut collage pieces, Brittany hung some of her new paintings, Marina had over two dozen small, meticulous inventory-like drawings and I showed some of my new in progress CMYK halftone screen-prints. This series in progress is called “All Power Belong To You.” I apologize for the poor snapshot quality. I’ll be updating the website soon.

Vanessa Lang

Rachael Lang

Marina Phillips

Judith Baumann

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