eastern washington adventures

A couple weekends ago, friend Conor graciously came up to Olympia from south of Portland to accompany me on a journey to Spokane to purchase a beautiful antique sign press. By ‘accompany me’ I mean he had a truck and did all of the driving. Heh. I have awesome friends, what can I say? Anyway, we left Olympia at 8am and arrived back shortly after 1am, some 600+ miles later. The next morning, we moved the press downstairs with a handful of other friends who answered their phones on Sunday morning and volunteered their muscles. Conor, myself and friend Mark (an amazing former student who now owns his own screen printing business) had the 500lb press reassembled by early afternoon. Needless to say, I can’t wait to start printing as soon as my show is over!

Wait… a show? Yep! A show! But you’ll have to wait until the next post to hear about it, unless you live in Olympia and come to the opening at Northern, this Saturday July 10th, from 7p – 10p.

Spokane, there and back again:

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