Digital Photography Workshop @ Northern

The weekend after Arts Walk, I hosted a free digital photography workshop at Northern for kids ages 5 – 18. The intrepid Rachael Lang helped wrangle kids and print photographs. We had 11 kids register for the event and they were divided into two general age groups – young and younger. Rachael and I did 30 minute workshops for both groups focusing on perspective, composition, how to to properly hold a camera, and lighting with the older kids. Then, they were given a list of suggested assignments and were sent off with their parents in tow. After 90 minutes, each group returned  from their photography scavenger hunts and Rachael and I sat down to edit and print with the kids. I sat at the editing station, projecting the photos each kid took. We looked at all their images and picked out favorites. Then, the kids were sent to Rachael for printing.  Each kid took home one print  though we printed 5 – 7 images from each student. The extra images were then hung in the gallery space for the remainder of October. It was a super cute show and every kid ended up taking at least one photo that blew me away!

Here’s the promo that was sent out for the workshop:

In conjunction with Arts Crush, Northern is pleased to present a free digital photography workshop for kids ages 5 – 18 on Saturday, October 9th from 10am – 5pm.

Have a budding photographer in the family? Northern’s free digital photography workshop will get them trained and ready for their first exhibit! With age specific sessions given throughout the day, participants have the chance to compose, capture and print engaging street shots of beautiful downtown Olympia. At the end of their 30 – 45 minute session, kids will receive their first photographic assignment and return to edit and print their favorite photos at Northern. A display of photographs will then hang in Northern’s gallery for the remainder of the month.

Northern will provide a digital arts printing station but participants must have their own digital camera of any quality. Judith Baumann, TESC visual arts faculty, and Rachael Lang, photographer extraordinaire will conduct the workshop.

This event is structured for kids and teenagers ages 5 – 18 and anyone else that would like to contribute to a photographic portrait of a specific day in the life of Olympia!

Please email JudithBaumann@—–  to RSVP or for more information. Children must be accompanied by an adult throughout the workshop.

Rachael and I worked from 10am – 5pm non-stop and were exhausted by the end of the workshop. Here are some photos of the workshop set-up and some installation images from the gallery show, with some of my favorite photos singled out. Pretty rad, huh?

Bailey, Age 9:

Rachel, Age 11:

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