Crimmus in Kentucky

I spent Christmas in Kentucky visiting my recently relocated parents. Louisville is a much larger, healthier city than Buffalo and is known as the “northern most southern city.” I wish I could say that I had more time to explore Louisville. For the first few days in Kentucky, I was still recovering from a  severe stomach virus that left me immobilized for several days before I left Olympia. I did get the chance to explore Cave Hill Cemetery though, which reminded me of Hollywood Cemetery in Richmond. I used to lived mere blocks away from Hollywood Cemetery and loved summer evening strolls through it dearly. As a family, we also took a car tour through “Lights Under Louisville,” and I was left breathless from laughter. Absolutely absurd. I can’t even describe it. What a sham. I also forced my parents to descend several hundred feet underground while visiting Mammoth Cave National Park. The picturesque drive there reminded me that it wasn’t until I lived in the Pacific Northwest that I truly understood the difference between a “woods” and a “forest.” Lastly, we ventured downtown to visit the famous 21C hotel and museum which featured a permanent installation by my favorite grad school mentor, Virgil Marti. What a sweet surprise. I love that dude.

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